Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Google Apps for Educators

I'm at the first step of planning a transition from our existing student email system, Netmail to Google Mail (for educators version). I have three schools to handle, three separate domains and about 2K kids per domain.

Here are my main concerns

Student safety
Account Manageability
Integration with our new website (coming very soon).

Also, we have to determine our responsibilities for archiving and retrieval of student messages.
Any ideas?

ps- am now testing with a fake domain- can I disable chat and address book search in Gmail?

Blackberry Free Time

Not a free Blackberry, but follow me: I'm testing a Blackberry 8130 Pearl with the WiFi setup. Is it true that, while using our private Wireless network and the phone goes into the UMA mode, are calls free? Do we not get charged for the minutes while using the phone over our internal WLAN? I can't wait to see the bill.

First Post!

So. I'm a Network Manager for Maine Township High School District 207. I'm starting this blog to begin talking about how me and my network team are implementing technology for our schools. First Post.