Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Testing IMAP pull from Groupwise into Google Apps

Testing my IMAP connector for pulling Groupwise mail into Google mail.  On any user (so far) other than myself, I can get it to run properly.  However, I'm getting a

An unknown error encountered during the conversation with the IMAP server

error. The Learn more is not very helpful

So far so good

Last night I was checking the stats of our mail (and spam) flows to Postini from the Postini console and noticed zero statistics.  Checked the guide and found out the reports update every 24 hours or so, so this morning, checked again and found some stats!  At least at our South location, I was surprised to see the low volume of mail, I thought it would be much much higher.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Postini update

Mail is flowing!  Made a few easy DNS changes, changed a few Google Apps domain settings and mail is moving!

Just signed up for Postini for our student domains

Just signed up for Postini for our student domains, getting ready now to start looking at the management console.

Check out this article:

Postini on ZDNet

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Google Apps IMAP Migration - Groupwise

I have successfully used the Google Apps IMAP migration tool with 3 Groupwise users, trying it out to see how much we will do on our own.  While Groupwise is officially in the "unsupported" category, I'm having some success so far.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

OMG - Cloud Storage!!

While sitting at a Google Apps user's group, this went up!   Can I finally begin to stop providing so much storage space for home drives???

Google Apps User Group - Chicago

I'm sitting here currently participating in a new Google Apps User group for Teachers and Administrators at Attea Middle School in Glenview, IL.  The discussion is interesting, there are about 50 teachers/administrators here.  Seems like about 90% of the group has some set or subset of Google Apps for EDU set up, but there is a huge gulf of Google experience between all the participants.

I just talked a bit about participating in the Teacher's Summit last year and how interesting it was to hear directly from some of the Google product managers.