Thursday, January 21, 2010

Google Apps IMAP Migration - Groupwise

I have successfully used the Google Apps IMAP migration tool with 3 Groupwise users, trying it out to see how much we will do on our own.  While Groupwise is officially in the "unsupported" category, I'm having some success so far.

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Cloud said...

Try the Google GroupWise migration available from

Some of the features of the tool include:

Supported Platforms

Microsoft Exchange (Version 2003 SP1 or above)
Novell GroupWise
User provisioning
Migration of all, or a subset, of users
Migration of email, including incoming and outgoing folders
Migration of calendar and contacts
User provisioning

Provision users directly with the tool, no need to precreate
Set users details including initial password
Force password change on first login
Migration of email

All users email is migrated, server side. This means no user interaction is required as part of the migration.

Labels are applied to the imported email within Google to identify the folder the mail originated in
Flagged mail is marked as ‘starred’ within Google
The read state of all messages is retained
Forwarded messages merged as Google forwarded messages
All other email settings preserved
Migration of users calendars

Both main and sub-calendars can be migrated, creating main and secondary calendars within Google Apps.
Shared calendar access is transferred
Appointment alarms are retained
Unaccepted appointments still in a users inbox are imported
All other appointment/calendar settings preserved
Migration of contacts

All contact information is imported to Google Apps including email addresses, instant messaging addresses, telephone numbers and postal addresses, etc.
Contact group information, along with group members
All other contact settings preserved
Migration of archives (GroupWise only)

GroupWise archive files, comprising any or all of the above elements can also be migrated
Archived email is all tagged with an ‘Archived’ label in Google Mail