Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Testing IMAP pull from Groupwise into Google Apps

Testing my IMAP connector for pulling Groupwise mail into Google mail.  On any user (so far) other than myself, I can get it to run properly.  However, I'm getting a

An unknown error encountered during the conversation with the IMAP server

error. The Learn more is not very helpful

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michael regoli said...

David--I'm pulling from a GroupWise 7 system running on Netware 6.5 and am moving about 16 users to Google Apps.

Using the migration tool, some of my users migrated fine. However some do not. I was pulling my hair out. I then decided to run a Ruby script on my Mac -- called IMAPMigrator ( I copied the script at the very bottom, and ran it:

./IMAPmigrator --from-server --from-ssl --from-user username@sourceserver --from-pass PASSWORD --to-server --to-user --to-pass PASSWORD

And for my problem user, it threw an error immediately, which turns out to be special characters in folder names--namely parenthesis. Google does not like to see parenthesis in folder names.

I quickly renamed the folders in question, ran the script again, until it began to successfully run. I then broke the script, went to the google migration tool, queued the account, and away we went!

Good luck! --michael